Hailing from three different continents and converging in St. Pauli, Germany, “trailerparksex” is a versatile concoction of music styles and artist's personalities,

known and cherished not only for their music & shows, but also for their unique way of work.


Starting off as a two piece studio band in 2009, drummer Lea Swetlana Kloth and singer/multiinstrumentalist Juan Gracia soon armed themselves with a full band to perform

their first record “Now or Fucking Never” live all across Europe in 2010.


The first permanent addition was bass player Roman Karius who joined 2011 and participated in the recording of 2012's “Struggle” and the subsequent 2013's Strugglin' The Americas tour, which took TPS to USA, Canada, Uruguay and Argentina.


The band started 2014 with the “Transatlantic” EP and now most recently 2015 with “From Below” EP

their newest and most successful output to date. The band also realigned, moving Roman Karius from bass to guitar and welcoming Kain Nod on bass.


Their music stays as trademark themselves as ever, yet it also seems to be moving forward from post hardcore to more melodic sorts of alternative metal, djent and rock. Proof of which was their official presentation of "from below" on Euroblast 2015. The band had a busy calendar for the remaining portion of 2015, with a tour to support "from below" in Europe, Australia and the Americas.


2016 Starts as thrilling as can be, a new "Best of" record is to be realeased, along with B-Sides and Acoustic Versions. 

Right now the band is focusing on their Winter Tour due in March 2016 peaking at cult festival Metaltown in Göteborg Sweden.


If you are looking for something new, you came to the right place!