This is TPS's latest release, showing the band's excursion to the fields of Djent and Progressive Metal. NOW ON DIGIPACK !

For friends of Deftones, Tool, Periphery, Destiny Potato etc.

1. killer pheromone
2. run to hide
3. stumbling through air
4. odysseus
5. future blur theory

Trailer Park Sex - From Below - Lyric
From Below - Lyric - Booklet Poster
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These songs were written while TPS followed Randy Blythe's situation in the Czech Republic.

These are also the only two songs TPS wrote with their friend and guitarist Hendrik Schmidt, who also travelled with the band playing shows through north and southamerica in mid 2013.

1. Broken Skulls
2. Live Wires


This album is Trailer Park Sex's debut long player. 12 Songs recorded at the best of Europe Studios. 

This album holds so many secrets inside, we can only encourage you to stream it a little bit and make your own conclusions. ...

01. Requiem For The Bloodless
02. A Big Nice Cup Of Fuck You
03. Sinister Dexterity
04. Ain’t No Life
05. We’ve Got Business
06. Phineas Gage
07. Dirty Little Secrets
08. Banners Torn
09. The March Of The Unavoidable
10. Galaxies In A Cat Food Can
11. Huckleberry Sad
12. Epilogue (Bonus Track)


Trailer Park Sex first born record featuring five mind-blowing tracks:

1. Fucking Nazis In A Beautiful Budapest 3:30
2. Got No Candy 6:17
3. Schizophrenia 3:26
4. You Wait For Godot 4:10
5. Tu Corbata No Me Engaña 3:45